Touchpoints™ is a program based on the work of developmental pediatrician, T. Berry Brazelton. Touchpoints™ training builds the capacity of early childhood professionals to support the expertise of families to provide sensitive, nurturing and developmentally informed caregiving. Providers identify opportunities to work collaboratively with families to achieve positive health and school readiness outcomes for children. Touchpoints™ training offers strategies for strengthening family-child, family-provider, and provider-provider relationships.

Touchpoints training helps early childhood professionals engage with families at key points (Touchpoints) in a child's development. By helping parents identify and expect bursts and regressions in a child's behavior, providers can reduce parental frustration and self-doubt while fostering parenting skills and the parent's enjoyment of their child. In the process, the bond between the provider and the family is strengthened.

Through Project LAUNCH and SAMSHA Grant funding, First 5 Alameda County has assembled and trained a 9 member Touchpoints Training Team of multidisciplinary early childhood providers. These trainers from Alameda County Public Health Department, Children's Hospital Oakland, Oakland Early Head Start, Brighter Beginnings, Jewish Family and Children Services and First 5 Alameda County deliver the 3 day Individual Level Training (ILT) to early childhood providers serving children and families in East Oakland. The ILT is a three-day seminar designed for individual health care, early education, child care, and social service providers who want to incorporate elements of the Brazelton Touchpoints Approach into their practice setting. The 3 day ILT is followed by 6, monthly 1 hour Reflective Groups that transfer learning from training into practice.

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